Many people can execute on the fundamentals of management; strategic forecasting, assigning activity, and tracking progress, it's important to have these skills under your belt. There are a few people, and Birger is one of those, who add insight and wisdom to this, with an approach that brings people on-board, providing them with a reason to work beyond the pay cheque.

During my time with him at Feisst, I got to observe how he quietly brought years of experience from various management roles in the tech sector to the group, stabilising and developing business operations whilst they were going through a rapid growth phase. Birger was well regarded by staff at all levels, who trusted him and were happy to be guided by him, and I'll watch with keen interest as he continues to contribute to our industry and the organisations in our region.

Richard Rayner - CIO, Strategist, Business Development

Birger is an experienced project manager and senior manager, and he worked with our Group of businesses. He was a respected leader, a gentlemen, a man of integrity, always working with the team to deliver great outcomes to customers.

Mike Marr - TPT Group CEO , Executive Director

Birger was part of the Gallagher Executive responsible for the development of our international security entities. He travelled extensively and his knowledge of the security industry, his ability to create lasting business relationships were key attributes in the achievement of the business objectives. Birger executed his role with creativity and dedication. Birger is a man of integrity often working in excess of our normal requirements.

Sir William Gallagher - Gallagher Group

Birger is reliable, honest and a professional business advisor

Beppe Carrozzino - Executive Managing Director Roundpizza

The “Kingfish” project has been one of the most enjoyable in the writers experience as a Project Manager & Engineer in the Building Services field, and this has been in no small way due to Birger’s input and support. Together we have delivered what the business has openly stated as a very successful result, due in no small part to the work of Birger Kirsten. Given a similar brief, I would have no hesitation in contracting Birger.

Gary Gwilliam - Property Projects Manager Air New Zealand Ltd